Loan Application

Loan Application

Loan Application Steps

* First, contact a loan representitive to determine if the stock(s) in your portfolio qualify for the Stock Loan. Typically, the determination can be made the same day that your positions are reviewed.

* Then, we'll fax or mail a Master Loan Agreement for you to review and sign.

* Next, you arrange to transfer your collateral to a special purpose account at one of our preferred brokerage firms. Subsequently, we will establish hedging transactions for the positions.

* Your cash loan proceeds will be wired to your designated account within 48 to 72 hours after our hedging process has been completed.

Global Bancorp Inc. and its associate firms, agents, and affiliates put SEC, state and federal regulatory compliance at the top of our priority list for all of our financial activities. To this end, Global Bancorp relies on several established attorneys to provide advice, guidance, and professional review of all of our products and services. For more information on these resources, please send us an e-mail request with details.