Legal Notice


Global Bancorp Inc. is a provider of securities liquidity service information services for individual and institutional clients, and does not offer any form of investment (buy or sell), tax counseling, estate planning, or any other securities, equities, or other financial advice whatsoever.

No information or statement by any Global Bancorp Inc. associate, representative, or staff shall be construed as such advice. Resolution of any potential legal or tax issues involving Global Bancorp, Inc. financing should be carried out by the licensed attorneys, accountants or other professional advisors of each individual client. For useful information on US tax law, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

Global Bancorp Inc. is not responsible for statements or representations of Global Bancorp Inc. products or services by third parties that are not specifically and formally authorized by Global Bancorp Inc. in writing, whether such representations are by web, facsimile, email, conventional advertising, or any other media.

Borrowers are required to comply with all SEC and Federal Reserve regulations. Moody's Investor Services, Inc is a private company and is not affiliated in any manner with Global Bancorp Inc., its partners, or associates. Standard and Poor's is a private corporate entity and not affiliated with Global Bancorp Inc. in any manner.

Proceeds from Global Stock Loans may not be reinvested in marginable securities. Global Bancorp Inc. is not a tax shelter or tax shelter vehicle. Global Bancorp Inc. does not endorse, support, or advocate the use of Global Bancorp Inc. as a tax shelter and does not authorize any agent or associate to describe, claim, or otherwise market Global Bancorp Inc. as such.

*U.S. borrowers who have exercised the nonrecourse, walkaway provision of their Global Stock Loan are urged to correctly report the transaction as a foreclosure when it occurs and to pay any taxes due. Taxes may apply in other cases: Please consult your tax professional for information relevant to your specific situation. More information on current closed transactions by Global Bancorp Inc. available by request.