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    Global Bancorp Launches Online Agent Certification Program

    Global Bancorp, the leader in automating the non-purpose financial lending industry, has launched its new Global Certification Program to help loan agent's gain more exposure for their stock loan program. 

    DENVER, CO, October 22, 2009 - /24-7PressRelease/ -- The volume of companies and individuals seeking securities backed loans has reached unprecedented proportions, with more than 40 percent of potential borrowers located outside the United States. Millions of shareholders worldwide are currently facing a crisis as broker dealers are refusing to offer margin loans citing market conditions.

    At the same time, stock loan brokers, agents, and affiliates are becoming more and more hard-pressed to find lenders willing to fund loans secured using un-restricted securities. 

    Denver based Global Bancorp says it has come up with a solution for both problems, called the Global Certified Agent Program, an online training regimen that educates agents in the stock loan process.

    Gregg Sullivan, CEO of Global Bancorp, said that his company has been working on the project for several months and it was officially launched at the end of December.

    "By becoming Globally Certified," Sullivan said, "an agent is far more likely to be selected by borrowers to handle their loans. They know certified agents are literate on our stock loan program and are conversant with the rules, regulations and lender's procedures."

    Global Bancorp has been providing basic stock loan training free of charge at various industry meetings, but the sessions were constantly overbooked, Sullivan said. "So we decided to create an online series of courses - and the response has been fantastic." 

    The company offers three levels of certification, Sullivan said. "An agent can choose Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. At the end of the course, he or she must take an exam based on the level chosen. A score of 80 and above qualifies for certification."

    Global Certified agents are permitted to display a certification emblem on their website to let borrowers know that the agent is not only qualified but also ready and willing to offer a Global Bancorp stock loan, Sullivan said.

    They can also attach the certification logo to their business cards and marketing materials. A "modest fee" is charged for the courses, he said.

    "To get started, all they have to do is log onto and follow the instructions," Sullivan said.

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    Global Bancorp, Inc., is a non-purpose lender that provides securities-based loans to investors who pledge stocks, bonds or U.S. Treasuries as collateral. We accept securities traded on the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ National Stock Market, NASDAQ Small Cap Stock Market, New York Stock Exchange, Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board and several foreign exchanges. 


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