Loan Process

Questions and Answers

Below are answers to many of our most commonly asked questions. If you have questions which are not answered below, please call us at (303) 647-3400, and one of our staff will be happy to answer them.

Q: How can Global Bancorp lend me more money than my broker can, or, in some cases, when my broker cannot lend me money at all?

A: The Securities Exchange Commission placed restrictions which stocks brokers can lend against, and on how much they can lend their customers against these "marginable" securities. As a conventional lender, Global Bancorp has a greater range of options available to us.

Q: Why can't my broker hold the shares for Global Bancorp during the loan term?

A: Stock brokers are not set up to guarantee that shares will not be sold by their customers, to whom they owe their first loyalty. In the case of an emergency devaluation, individual brokers are often overworked and unavailable to make emergency trades to protect even their clients, much less Global Bancorp or its partners.

Q: Where does Global Bancorp keep its stock once transfer is complete?

A: Global Bancorp maintains stock with reputable brokerage firms such as Morgan Stanley, in addition to traditional federal SIPC Insurance, also enjoy $150 million in private insurance for stocks in our possession.

Q: Why is there a delay between receipt of my stock & fund of my loan?

A: Because of recent changes in the law, stock transfer agents are no longer able to verify clear ownership of securities not in their physical possession. Global Bancorp requires the time to verify clear ownership of any issues received. Prior securities counterfeiting problems and DTC transfer frauds have created the need for these increased security measures, which protect both the borrower and Global Bancorp.

Q: How does Global Bancorp send payment?

A: By federal funds wire, or by ACH transfer directly into your checking or savings account.