Stock Certificate

Global Stock Loan

Global Bancorp makes stock loans for any purpose. As long as the shares you own are unrestricted and free-trading they may be used as a foundation for a loan from Global.

By margining your stock, brokers can lend you no more than 50% of its market value, and often the stock and company you believe in cannot be margined at all.

Conventional lenders and banks could lend you more, but are not designed to track the day-to-day shifts in value of public companies and are therefore reluctant and often unwilling to use such stock as a foundation for loans.

Global Bancorp has designed a system which allows stockholders in over 85% of publicly traded companies to take advantage of their shares' equity, while retaining many of the benefits of ownership.

The average loan-to-value for a stock which trades 25,000 shares a day at $4 a share is 75%.

        Acceptable Securities Include:

            * Stocks
            * Bonds
            * U.S. Treasury Notes
            * Most Foreign Securities

        Instruments NOT Usable as Collateral include:

            * CD's*
            * ESOP's
            * Mutual Funds
            * Money Market Accounts*
            * Annuities
            * SBLC's
            * Bank Guarantees or Warranties
            * Commodities
            * CDO's
            * MTN's
            * CMO's
            * Gold or Silver Mines
            * Precious Stones
            * Bearer Bonds*
            * Private Notes or Private Bonds
            * Corporate Bonds
            * Municipal Bonds
            * Maturing Bonds (coming due within 3 years)
            * 401(k)'s, IRA's or any Restricted Retirement Funds

* CD's, Money Market Accounts & Bearer Bonds may be converted to cash; then acceptable securities may be purchased and used as collateral.